Mission & Values

Be Poland’s mission as part of Be Group is to create, consolidate and affirm permanent and continuous leadership in professional services to support the evolution of the European financial services industry.

Our activities are inspired by common group values, enabling us to offer distinctive proposition to our clients and to all our stakeholders.

Our common group values are:


We value the pursuit of professional excellence offering to our Clients a deep knowledge of key topics in Financial Services. In this perspective we promote the acquisition, solidification, organization and dissemination of specialized skills to support the Industry transformation.


We adapt quickly to the industry scenario and regulatory framework changes, bringing rapid and concrete value to the business of our clients, support them in implementing innovation, strengthening competitiveness and manage time to market.

International footprint

Our multi-country presence enables us to achieve cohesion, teamwork, respect of diversity and fusion of cultures, all combined –  to open international best practices to our clients.


We are committed to sustain economic stability and growth, taking care of trainings for our employees, promoting innovation and generating new business.